Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sunny day fare on a 10m tide

Heysham Obs
South shore walk (thanks Malcolm)

Ocean Edge
3 little egret
6 reed bunting
5 common snipe
1 sky lark
14 ringed plover

Red Nab
116 wigeon

No.1 outflow
1 adult little gull

3 x 1st winter kittiwakes

No sign of territorial ringed plover today, but I did see it on Monday. As predicted the colder weather caused the return of the blackcap this morning.


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Ringed Plover back on territory

Heysham Obs
A presumed male Ringed Plover was back on the rough ground near the wooden jetty where they nested successfully last year.  

IOM ferry lunchtime
Kittiwake - 9 adult
Mute Swan - imm S

Kittiwake - 3 2CY waterfall
Guillemot - one waterfall
Cormorant - 61 wooden jetty

North wall
Kittiwake - ad & 2CY
Linnet - 17
Goldfinch - 13
Med Gull -  adult (also later behind IOM ferry)

Little Gull - 3CY

Monday, 8 February 2016

Chiffchaff doing the rounds

Heysham Obs
Good coverage by Malcolm today included a small tit flock accompanied by a collybita-type Chiffchaff near the entrance to Ocean Edge.  A good record, especially in this weather which produced more of the usual Kittiwake and Little Gull

Harbour area
Kittiwake - 3 x 2CY still by waterfall
Guillemot - 1
Little Gull - I adult

Little Gull - adult and 2CY

IOM ferry
Kittiwake - 15 x ad, 1 x 2CY
Little Gull - 1 x ad

Ocean Edge
Skylark - 1 saltmarsh
Snipe - 4 saltmarsh
Chiffchaff - 1 as described above

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Little gulls

Heysham obs
An unfortunate incident today resulting in a broken leg as an on lead dog became entangled around a crutch leading to a nasty fall.  Thanks to other dog walkers for a prompt response and the power station police, security and ambulance service for rapid attendance - hope the person recovers as soon as possible.  

Minimal amount of birding comprised at least 7 adult little gull plus the third winter still on the outfalls.

6th February fish fest

Heysham Obs

3CY Little Gull on sea by outfalls

Moth:  Dotted Border in trap

Observations from Malcolm:
The tide was ebbing past the wooden jetty and the dredger was operating in the harbour mouth. This resulted in a surge of small fish in the gap between the wooden jetty and the roundhead. At one point there were 24 cormorant feeding in an area 30m x 10m. They were catching rockling and small whiting. The large gulls got in on the action too, swooping on every cormorant when it surfaced.The main activity only lasted about 5 minutes, then the cormorant started flying off. I don't know if the fish had gone or the birds were full, probably a bit of both.  There would not be a sufficient number of fish in the harbour mouth to just have been displaced by the dredger, a concentration like that would attract cormorants without the dredger. The fish (judging by were the cormorants were feeding) were about 30m down tide of dredger. This is an ideal location for dislodged titbits to be separated from the denser silt, and also provide shelter for the fish (particularly for the rockling) in the jetty rocks and wrack. The ebbing tide would normally provide a small fish procession past the harbour

Friday, 5 February 2016

Decent little trawl round

Heysham Obs
A very short trawl round, including the IOM ferry

Red Nab and area
Dark-bellied Brent Goose - 4, then headed towards wooden jetty
Little Gull - 3CY stage 2 outfall

Kittiwake - 2 x 2CY (at least)
Guillemot - 1
Med Gull - adult

Kittiwake - adult peeled off and flew out quite early
Little Gull - adult followed ferry into harbour mouth

The Brents reappear

Heysham Obs

Harbour PS Intake Corner 3pm.
1 Guillemot
3 Kittiwake (all 2CY)

Red Nab
4 Brent Geese flying toward Wooden Jetty.
1 Little Egret

Between Outfall 1 and Wooden Jetty
c.50 Wigeon

North wall
Med Gull x 1