Tuesday, 23 August 2016

More migrant warblers

Heysham obs
South east wind and rain at dawn is a good recipe and the ringing effort at Middleton was pretty good until the weather went pear shaped- too hot and too sunny

Outfalls/red nab
Thanks to Matthew for letting us know the two juvenile black tern were still around -roosting on the wooden jetty this afternoon. Also at least 7 meds around

Tree pipit -2-3 south
Grey wagtail - 0ne south (and another two south over ocean edge)
Meadow pipit - two together south
Newly ringed birds included: 15 willow warbler, 6 sedge warbler, 6 white throat, two lesser whitethroat, two blackcap one chiff chaff and a tree pipit

Monday, 22 August 2016

Toyota fare

Heysham Obs
The Peugeot 107-like hire car did good in the driving rain, allowing a prolonged scan of the outfalls on the incoming tide

Outfalls/Red Nab area
Black Tern - two juvs - they never came closer inshore than the seaward end of the outfalls and seemed to disappear about 1215hrs but conditions very challenging
Little Gull - odd-looking 2CY (moult) and an Ad
Sandwich Tern - ad
Med Gull - minimum of 15 with 5 x juv, 5 x ad and 5 x 2CY
Impossible to look south along the tideline

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Varied reports

Heysham obs
Had better days with cylinder head gasket blow five minutes from checking heysham to stone jetty pre tide. No chance!

1) ad summer Sabine's gull located by pete crooks on the mudflats by the stone jetty unfortunately just before being flushed by incoming tide and the designated location for windsurfers and as such not seen in obs recording area

2) highly secondhand report of 3x black tern, possible white-winged black term, yellow legged gull and 'a' med gull from southport Rspb group. Presumably a few record shots kicking around?

3) a belated late afternoon visit saw 14 x med gull (6 2cy, 4 ad, 4juv), sandwich tern

Hopefully a bit more enlightened about SRSBP records tomorrow

Saturday, 20 August 2016

No coverage known today -anyone any ore rain records from eg the outfalls please ?

Friday, 19 August 2016

2CY Med day

Heysham Obs
These can usually be found when you have a bit of time to go through hordes of gulls. 

Red Nab/outfalls/Ocean Edge foreshore
Black-headed Gull - 1700
Med Gull - 5 x 2CY, 2 x ad, 1 x juv
Sandwich Tern - presumably THE adult
No recent sign of Little Gull

WeBs bits
Cormorant - 75
Turnstone - 62

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Welcome juvenile Cetti's Warbler

Heysham Obs
After no sight nor sound recently, a juvenile Cetti's Warbler appeared in the Middleton nets this morning.  The office nets were also run and produced 9 warblers amongst the 'feeder fodder'

Middleton & HNR ringing sessions
Cloud cover first thing soon gave way to a sunny easterly morning but there were less Whitethroat around this morning.    Ringing from both sites included the following new birds:  1 Cetti's Warbler, 1 Garden Warbler, 5 Whitethroat, 1 Lesser Whitethroat, 2 Sedge Warbler, 1 Tree Pipit, 12 Willow Warbler, 2 Chiffchaff, 3 Blackcap

Vis mig
Tree Pipit - two over HNR, one of which was probably the bird caught at Middleton
Coal Tit - flock of four headed noisily south over HNR

Could get round to doing the gulls in time c/f spring tide

Routine moths with Lime-speck Pug probably the best

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Same format, stronger easterly

Heysham Obs
A real bonus (on the forecast just two days ago) being able to run the three western nets at Middleton and a decent catch for the single ringer in operation (thanks Jean) given the light/mod breeze, crystal clear skies and last night's moon.  

Middleton NR ringing
Water Rail - I+ western marsh reedbed
Swallow - single figures south
No other vis mig other than the two Tree Pipits found in the mist net and a single Grey Wagtail heard flying over way to the south of the site!

Newly-ringed birds included:  2 Tree Pipit, 10 Willow Warbler, 2 Garden Warbler (having its best year this millennium), 8 Whitethroat, 2 Lesser Whitethroat, 3 Sedge Warbler, 1 Reed Warbler, 2 Blackcap.  Despite this being the fourth consecutive day operating these nets, the only retraps were a single Blackcap, three tits and a Bullfinch

Red Nab/outfalls
A bit too glary for my eyes after a dawn start to the day and could easily have missed the odd 2CY Med
Med Gull - 3 x Ad, 4 x juv
Whimbrel - 3

Hardly any with the easterly into the window but did include Purple Bar