Friday, 1 July 2016

Reasonable midsummer selection

Heysham Obs

Tree Sparrow on office feeders

Gannet far offshore

Adult and 2CY Med Gull on Red Nab but again not many gulls

White Satin and Campion new for the year in the moth trap

Thanks Janet for these pics from Middleton today which also indicate why it was no good for seawatching contra forecast a few days ago!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Eiders use ocean edge saltmarsh

Heysham Obs
Scraping the barrel for novelties but four female Eider lounging on Ocean Edge saltmarsh was a new one for me

One ad Med Gull on quick scan of much reduced gulls.  Why?  Outage?

The moth trap catch was a bit mundane but did hold a Silver Y and, unusually for here, both Plum and Marbled Orchard Tortrix together  

Whistle stop

Heysham Obs
Nothing of interest today although 6 Double Dart was nice

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

More odds and ends

Heysham Obs
A pre-rain ringing session by the office saw the two juvenile Great-spotted Woodpeckers, presumably from the successful nest on the reserve, being ringed along with a scattering of warblers and finches

New moths for the year were Yellow Shell, Anania coronata and Common Footman

No time for any birding eg gull checks

Pics from Janet and Tom over the last few days.  Thanks.  Bad news with Red-veined Darters.  I would have expected them before the weather broke and, even if any do appear,  they are going to be harder to sort out amongst the by then reddish Common Darters which emerged over the weekend.  No foreseeable suitable weather for Red-veined Darter and the shallow ovipositing area was continuously disturbed by splashing dogs at the back end of last summer - whether a continuous suspension of silt - it takes ages to settle - is good or bad for this species is not known.  We'll see as there was a lot of RVD ovipositing observed last year and no sign of any late autumn emergence. The caddis is Mystacides longicornis (thanks Steve)

Monday, 27 June 2016

Bits of interest

Heysham obs
Thanks to peel ports for addressing the heliport area problem straight away

Pics from Janet and Tom will be added tomorrow

Info recently of a pair of little owl within recording area pontins waste ground and hancocks area

Common darter out Middleton but no red veins or the weather for then coming up

3x ad med, just one 2cy med outfalls area

Dead hedgehog moneyclose lane

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Heysham Heliport mitigation fails at the first hurdle

Heysham Obs
It has been a long road to try and exclude dog walkers and other people from the old heliport site, leading to lack of disturbance of the wader roost along the seawall.  Re-fencing was a mitigation measure for Peel Energy's single wind turbine and this was carried out about a fortnight ago.   It was stressed time and again the the roost on the seawall would only be undisturbed if either the fencing measures were secure or the exclusion notices were being enforced by security or both.  The fencing at the Half moon bay cafĂ© end is fine, but the south end saw just an extra gate and a lock and was clearly still easy to access, albeit only a matters of a few metres from the security base.   

Wondering why the small summering Oystercatcher flock was not using the newly secured seawall, spent a bit of time today observing what was happening and sure enough the regular dog walkers who park and access from the Near Naze are just having the inconvenience of hurdling or climbing over the gate,  otherwise it is business as usual

Went to have a polite chat to security as one of these dog walkers also parked on the double yellow lines to see what their take was and I was informed that they had received no instructions to apprehend anyone  entering the old heliport site

Please can this be sorted out, Peel Ports?  Thanks

Red Nab and area
Med Gull - just adult in head moult, full summer adult and single 2CY in a much-reduced gull presence.  Again there did not seem to be a lot of food on Heysham One outfall
Grey Heron - 1

Nothing startling with Celypha striana new of the year


Saturday, 25 June 2016

Low tide

Heysham Obs
A quick check at low tide this am saw not a lot of activity on Heysham One which is unfortunate as a lot of the attractiveness for the more unusual odds and ends goes when there is no feeding fest on the seaward end of Heysham One.

Outfalls low tide
Med Gull - 2CY feeding end Heysham two
Arctic Tern - adult feeding end of Heysham two

Smoky Wainscot and Epinotia bilunana new for year