Friday, 31 July 2015

No blue moon surprises

Heysham obs

Red nab incoming tide
Med gull - four ad and two 2cy
Little egret - 1
Whimbrel - 3

Late dingy shears a surprise, marbled beauty scarce here. Best of the rest slender pug and ruby tiger

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Greenshank tops the bill

Heysham obs
Lengthy coverage of red nab over the tide saw:

Greenshank - one in rapid transit to the south
Med gull - 7 x ad, 1 x 3cy, 1 x 2cy
Little gull - no sign

Slender pug the best of an unremarkable catch

Butterfly transect
Highlight was a male common hawker dragonfly on the top path. Dominated by gatekeeper and dwindling numbers of meadow brown and small skipper with a couple of tatty large skipper. Three red admiral seen, one on transect , two on office buddliea and one comma in the ne corner

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

More coastal stuff

Heysham Obs
Not quite as good a day as yesterday but a decent array of gulls and Curlew etc down the tideline towards Potts Corner as it is too early in the day for the chronic disturbance at this running sore of an access point.  Unfortunately its all talk and no action down at Potts Corner with the informative notices carefully designed as part of the 12 month licence for the caravan site "hidden away because the proposed wind-farm cable route would be in the way of where they need to be sited"  What rubbish - they were designed to be spread along the coastal strip there as per the slightly different wording for each location.  Last weekend saw massive disturbance over the afternoon neap high tides with vehicle access as far as the creek at Ocean Edge (the tyre marks are still there), pony and trap careering through flocks of Curlew and Oystercatchers trying to roost and model aircraft being flown near the neap high tide mark "because further inshore they disturb the caravan site residents".  Is it any wonder that there have been none of the more sensitive wader species along this section yet - Grey Plover, Bar-tailed Godwit and even Dunlin - they are usually present by this stage of the autumn.  

Red Nab/Ocean Edge
Little Gull - adult along the tideline
Med Gull - 4 adults
Redshank - c40 Red Nab
Turnstone - c9 Red Nab
Whimbrel - 4

Ruby Tiger the best of a mediocre bunch with Straw Underwing top dog as usual at this time of year

Monday, 27 July 2015

Another little gull?

Heysham obs
A good look round red nab and off ocean edge just after high tide was quite productive

Outfalls/red nab/oe foreshore
Little gull - summer adult
Med gull - four ads
Turnstone - 9
Whimbrel - 5
Little egret - 2

No moths of real interest

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Last day of Red-veined Darter?

Heysham Obs
The first date for Red-veined Darter was a male photographed on 27th June (thanks Stan), not 'three weeks before' the previously assumed first.  A visit to Middleton at lunchtime saw cloud forming just before it reached the sun and it took a good half-hour to receive proper sunlight at which time the wind had increased.  So conditions not perfect

Middleton NR model boat pond lunchtime
Red-veined Darter - single male seen well and photographed by visitors.  Another male was seen over the water and was briefly "in cop" with (or holding) an ovipositing female which looked like Red-veined. 
Common Darter - 10+
Brown Hawker - 1
Emperor - 3
Black-tailed Skimmer - 7-9

Two adult Meds discerned through the heat haze

Single Comma, Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell on the office buddleia which has resurrected itself after a year off being cut to ground level to to anticipated works

Moth trap
Bordered Beauty and Six-striped Rustic new for the year and White-line Dart, White Satin, Slender Pug and Garden Carpet of note - the latter is scarce here

Friday, 24 July 2015

Possibilities and a new moth for Heysham NR trap

Heysham Obs

Middleton model boat pond
A quick visit just before the cloud and northerly wind kicked in saw a large dragonfly seen briefly chased by an Emperor.  Then it was again seen very briefly before being chased by another Emperor and heading high to the south over the model boat pond car park.  If the weather is suitable tomorrow worth checking the pond to the south of the road as a blue band at the top of the abdomen was seen and size 3/4-4/5 Emperor - also clear-winged (not Brown Hawker).  Nothing else, so nothing claimed.

Three male Red-veined Darter were feeding over the water, one rather geriatric one nearly ending up inside a House Martin - also at least 7 red male Common Darter around the edge of the pond

Red Nab
Med Gull - 5 x ad, 1 x 2CY

The first Triple-spotted Clay (with Double square Spot on left) for Heysham NR was a bit of a surprise and two White Satin were notable

Red-veined darters reappear

Heysham Obs
At least 2 male red-veined darters seen on a part-check at Middleton (thanks Jonny) along with ba Painted Lady

Butterfly census at Heysham NR saw 102 Small Skipper and 148 Gatekeeper

Juvenile sedge warbler out of habitat on Heysham NR