Thursday, 3 May 2007

The early bird..............

Sandwich Terns chilling out by the north harbour wall. Thanks Jeff

Heysham Obs
As is often the case when the wind slackens off and turns to light/variable, migration loses its impetus - even the Swallows seemed to be flying more slowly today! The loss of the easterly overnight knocked the Arctic Tern passage a little on the head although Jon Carter's observation of a flock of 29 passing through at 1230 shows it is by no means not all over. If there was anyone out there, please could we have your figures. Thanks

Sea/vis from the north harbour wall c0630-1015
Arctic Tern - 226 in with 182 of these prior to 0730 - the birds seen off the Stone Jetty were almost certainly some of these
Arctic Skua - dark morph rapidly in at 0652, light morph flying around high in the sky to the south of the harbour for 10mins or so before descending and heading in the Lune Estuary direction
Sandwich Tern - at least 35, mainly blogging
Common Tern - 2
Gannet - 2
Swallow - 26

Purple Sandpiper on the long skeer again
Shag - at least 2 juvs

3 Willow warblers and a Robin ringed, no Wheatears seen! No Lesser Redpoll passage at all - where are they this spring?

Heysham wooden (partial) jetty as viewed from the Stone Jetty. Thanks John

Stone Jetty
0830-1015 hrs
Arctic tern c90 around the Stone Jetty area - moving very slowly & flock of 29 flew into the Bay at 1230
Sandwich tern 4
Kittiwake 9 floating in on tide
Whimbrel 9 'in'
Swallow 7 North
Bar-tailed godwit 2 on shore + 1 'in'
Dunlin 9 'in'


Grey Seal off NHW & another off the Stone Jetty


Muslin Moth, Pebble Hook-tip and Shuttle-shaped Dart all new for the year as the lack of east winds at last allowed some moths through the window!


Kite, almost certainly Red dstantly over Thrushgill plantation in very poor light in the evening, also 2 Short-eared Owl Botton Head road junction. Spoonbill on the flood late pm along with 1st S Little Gull