Friday, 20 July 2007


Heysham Obs
Stage 2 outfall/Red Nab/mudflats off Ocean Edge
Fairly careful check on two occasions during the morning/early afternoon produced:

Common Tern - 3 adults
Arctic Tern - one adult
Med Gull [legs not seen on juvs or one 1st S & one Ad c/f rings, rest unringed]:
- two juveniles (morning only - possibly those later at Knott End?) very mobile on the seaward end of Heysham 2 outfall
- 4 1st summer, one of which was only seen at low tide in the morning
- two adults, one starting to lose the forehead black
Kittiwake - one first summer
Black-headed Gull - c2,000 to plough through along with c30 Common Gull!

Harbour area
Two Black Guillemot (no further detail) but NNEW on Shag (not searched for)

Pre-rain movement
c70 Swift and 50+ Swallow moving north ahead of the late afternoon rain (as observed from NR car park)

At least one Spoonbill on EM Pools but no apparent sign of any Pec Sands. Yellow-legged Gull Glasson area